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Marine Biodiversity of Raja Ampat Islands Project

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April 2014
23 December 2014 15:53 PM

MB-RAI work together with WWF-Indonesia and IPB held training Bioinformatics and Genetic Analysis for graduate students in IPB at Bogor from May 30, through April 3, 2014.
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March 2014
23 December 2014 15:53 PM

We presented a paper about Whale Shark Genetic Study of Cenderawasih Bay in Expose Collaboration Results between UNIPA and WWF-Indonesia in UNIPA on March 13. We also presented paper Prospect and Whale Shark Genetic Study of Cenderawasih Bay and other sites in Indonesia in symposium at Jakarta on March 27. We attended a general lecture of Brend Stewart, PhD from Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute, San Diego-California, US at IPB in Bogor on March 30, 2014.
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February 2014
23 December 2014 15:50 PM

MB-RAI held general lecture about Coral Reef Bioluminescence: stories about crustaceans, polycaete annelids, echinoderms and fishes by Prof. James G. Morin, emeritus professor from Cornel University. Lecturer of UNIPA attended Training Sea grass in IBRC at Bali. We also held coordination meeting of MB-RAI in UNIPA.
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